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Production outsourcing

Production outsourcing

The manufacturing process of any product can consist of many stages. The more complex the manufacturing technology, the larger the list of operations that are performed when creating a product. Many companies use finished products produced by other companies as semi-finished products when creating their own products, or use the services of third-party companies for various transactions with their products. This form of interaction is called production outsourcing.

Outsourcing of cleaning services

Outsourcing of cleaning services

The production process of a large enterprise is a responsible activity that requires maximum concentration.

However, small non-core work is a great distraction from the core business, requiring time, manpower and finances. Tasks such as controlling the cleanliness of production facilities can be successfully performed by attracting the resources of a third-party company - an outsourcer. The modern reliable and convenient form of delegation of certain functionality of the company providing cleaning services is called cleaning outsourcing (outsourcing of cleaning of premises).

Food outsourcing

Outsourcing of public catering

For many industrial enterprises, the organization of staff nutrition on its territory is a necessity. Most large manufacturing companies are far from cafes, shops and fast food. And this with a large number of employees who have to eat somewhere.

Nutritional conditions of employees at the enterprise - an important indicator of their efficiency, productivity and health. Accordingly, the result of the activity of the whole company depends on it.

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